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Welcome to my corner of the web, my name is Phil Grosvenor ("gro-ve-nor") I have been behind one camera and another for a little over 40 years. Starting out with a  manual 35mm given to me by my uncle when I was about 12 years old. The "bug" bit me quickly and I was soon saving hard for my 1st SLR, A Canon A1 which cost a small fortune at the time. I was introduced to the wonders of the darkroom in high school and still marvel at the magic of an image mysteriously appearing in the dim red glow of the safelight! Now the magic is in the computer, just as enthralling, but in a different way. I love to capture images of just about anything, because if you keep your eyes open there is often a photograph just waiting to be shared..........

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Phone;   386 527 2225

instagram    @philgrosvenor

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